Busan Galleria (OMA)


The Hanhwa Galleria department stores are the most prestigious of its kind in Korea, and are known for their innovative combination of luxury shopping and art and design. Famous worldwide for their premium and VVIP shopping experience, OMA has taken this further by integrating the luxury department into the core of the building, where VVIPs ascend in full privacy into the heart of retail.  The luxury cube, or “gem”, becomes the central focus and visual register of the Busan Galleria shopping experience.

Back of house areas and mechanical cores are shifted to the exterior periphery to maximize uninterrupted shopping spaces that revolve around the luxury “gem”.

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Project Information: 


Type: Architecture, Retail, F&B | Location: Busan, South Korea | Status: Design Development, 2014 | Role: Architect involved in competition, concept development and production